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February 9, 2020
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The popularity of skiing and snowboarding has grown over the last fifteen years. New technology in skis has prompted many people to try the sport. Snowboarding, once thought to be just for kids is now being enjoyed by children and adults. Ski Big Bear at Masthope Mountain is a great place to learn to ski or snowboard. We have patient and fun instructors who work hard to help you succeed. We also have a variety of terrain, allowing you to gradually progress but also allowing your friends and family who may not be beginners to ski or snowboard more challenging terrain. First time skiers and snowboarders are usually excited to try but also a little nervous about trying something new. Hopefully, this information will help prepare you for your first day of skiing or snowboarding.


Most ski areas now incorporate manmade snow into their season to provide a great base of snow, extend the season and augment what Mother Nature provides. Ski Big Bear has the capability to make snow on all of the trails and tubing area. Snowmaking requires water, compressed air and very cold temperatures. If it's cold enough to make snow, we will be working to make the best snow possible. If there isn't snow in your backyard, come to ours, we'll have plenty.


The Magic Carpet is a surface lift, a way to get back to the top of the mountain without having to ride the chairlift. Think of it as a moving sidewalk for the snow. Your feet never have to leave the ground. It allows you to ski or snowboard to the bottom of Snowbird Trail and then scoot onto the conveyor and it will take you to the top where you will slide off the conveyor onto the snow surface.


Skiing and snowboarding are active sports. You will want to wear comfortable clothing and it is advisable to dress in layers preferably clothing with insulative and wicking properties. Layering allows you to add and remove layers as the temperature changes. If you start to get too warm and start to sweat, you want to be able to remove a layer or two. Otherwise, it may cause you to become too chilled when the temperature drops. If the temperature drops, you can add more clothing to your comfort level. Cover your basics with water resistant or waterproof pants and winter jacket.

Poley Bear gets a lesson
Poley Bear gets a lesson
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Big Bear Snowboard Lessons Little Bear Camp Alex, Andy, Kelsey
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