Big Bear Mountain sledding

December 10, 2014
Big Bear Snow Play - 81 Photos

Big-Bear-Sledding-1After spending the weekend in Big Bear, we cannot wait to return. Since we are always going up to the mountains for day trips during the winter season, we have always found the biggest challenge is finding a safe and free place for the kids to sled for a couple of hours. Before heading down the hill from our weekend getaway, we scouted out some future places to go sledding on day trips, and found that the Grays Peak Trailhead is the best place for free Big Bear Sledding.

Reason #1

There is a large parking lot. Families don’t have to worry about parking along a busy street with the fear of the kids getting hit by a car when trying to exit the vehicle. If your kids are anything like mine – they are so excited to get out of the car when we make it to the snow, so finding a safe parking place is always #1 on my priority as a mom.


Reason #2

There are bathrooms! That is right! Your kids don’t have to go hide behind a tree or use a pine branch in the wild to use the restroom. There is a clean bathroom right in the parking lot for your kids to use.

Reason #3

The hills are the perfect height. Not too steep, and not too flat – just right. The kids get the perfect speed without ever having to worry about going down a hill too fast.

Reason #4

There are picnic benches, and a beautiful view of the lake. I recommend bringing lunch with you and spending the day at this location.

Reason #5

Grays-Peak-Trailhead-2Not only can your kids sled, and have a snowball fight, but your family can also hike along the trails. These trails are beautiful and will take your family on a magical adventure in the hills surrounding Big Bear Lake.

Where is it located?
Take the Stanfield Cutoff out of Big Bear village, and turn left on North Shore Drive. After you pass through a small town, the parking lot will be less than a mile on the right hand side of the road.

Enjoy a fun day trip at Big Bear Lake by sledding and hiking at Grays Peak Trailhead.

UPDATE from San Bernardino Forest Service:

We do require an Adventure Pass at our developed sites, which includes Gray’s Peak trailhead, still a bargain at $5 per day. Normally in winter months we will close the site to human entry when nearby nesting eagles are present. This year was an exception, since the nearby eagles did not produce an eaglet.

Big-Bear-Sledding-2 Grays-Peak-Trailhead-6 Grays-Peak-Trailhead-8 Grays-Peak-Trailhead-5
Blade Runners - Big Bear Mountain - NYE 2014
Blade Runners - Big Bear Mountain - NYE 2014
Sledding in Big Bear Pt.1
Sledding in Big Bear Pt.1
sledding snow day at big bear!
sledding snow day at big bear!
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