Bear Mountain parking fee

September 8, 2021
This is a no fee parking lot

The Beast of the East gets its name for a reason: it’s big. Each base area has its own unique vibe and purpose. Be sure to pick the one that fits you best, but we recommend exploring them all throughout your stay.

Here's a tip for finding your car at the end of the day: every base lodge area has its own color. You’ll see it at the lodge, the lift and parking lot. Your lift ticket even comes with a color-coded ticket tie that matches the lodge where you start your day.

K-1 :: Blue

Home of the K-1 Express Gondola to Killington Peak and access to all mountain areas. Find live music, a full host of food options, Guest Services, Killington Sports, and the Roaring Brook Umbrella Bars just steps away.


The starting point for adult lesson programs, direct access to all of our learning terrain, the food court with the most variety, great après and live music, rental shop and private lesson desk.

RAMSHEAD :: Purple

Family central – children’s lessons and learning terrain, child care and a kid-friendly food court, with lifts and trails to Snowdon Mountain, too. If you've got kids in tow, this is the place to start your day.

SKYESHIP :: Orange

Conveniently located on Route 4, Skyeship Lodge is the place to go for easy parking and quick access to all the action. Catch the Skyeship Express Gondola to Skye Peak in just 11 minutes. Finish your day with a peak-to-creek run, cocktails at Skyebar and hot food at the food court; bar and food court open weekends and peak periods only.


Home of the longest, steepest mogul trail in the East and convenient parking and all mountain access via Skye Peak Express Quad. Steeps, bumps, trees, a halfpipe and three terrain parks await, not to mention the Bear Mountain Burger Bar and deck.


All base lodge parking lots offer free public parking and convenient drop-off and pick-up areas - so drop your passengers and gear, then go park the car. Your friends and back will thank you for it. On weekend and peak days we also offer preferred parking at K-1 and Snowshed Base Lodges for a nominal fee. All Kids Programs take place at Ramshead Base Lodge where you'll find all-terrain wagons to cart your gear from your car to the snow. All Adult Lesson Programs meet at Snowshed, which is connected to Ramshead by tunnels for quick, easy access. Skyeship and Bear Mountain Lodges are typically less crowded - so if you're not signed up for lessons, head to one of these lodges to start your day. Once our main lots are full, we offer slopeside parking at Vale Lot where you can suit up at the car and ski to the nearest lodge for tickets or take the shuttle to the lodge of your choice. Resort shuttles run a loop between all open base lodges and parking areas beginning 30 minutes before the lifts open until 5:00 p.m. to get you from one area to another.

Dress for Success

Dress appropriately by wearing layers. A good moisture wicking base layer, followed by a fleece mid-layer and finally a waterproof and windproof outer layer are recommended. One pair of long socks is all you need, preferably synthetic winter fabric Try to avoid cotton as it tends to retain moisture which will make you feel cold. We strongly recommend goggles and a face mask or gaiter to protect your face. If you do not own goggles, a pair of sunglasses with light lenses are better than nothing. Warm, waterproof gloves or mittens are a must. If planning on a full day on the slopes, an extra pair for the afternoon is a good idea. Make sure you eat a good breakfast and are well hydrated throughout the day. Don’t push it. Take breaks if you get cold or tired so you enjoy your time on the snow.

What Terrain is Right for You

Killington is big, so we’ve got some insider tips on how to conquer The Beast no matter your ability level.

Merry Go Round - Bear Mountain
Merry Go Round - Bear Mountain
Bear Mountain State Park Merry-Go-Round - Carousel
Bear Mountain State Park Merry-Go-Round - Carousel
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